Woolly Bingo Review (2024) Should You Join?

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Woolly Bingo Review

Didn’t make the list?

Unfortunately this site didn’t make it onto our list of the best online bingo sites.

If you’re looking for a site that’s fun, friendly, easy to use and has lots of juicy jackpots then checkout our list of the 7 best online bingo sites here!

Woolly Bingo is “celebrating the wonderful woolly world of online bingo” with “all the games you love and lots of fun bingo nights.”

But is there really cause for celebration – or are they pulling the wool over your eyes?

Read our Woolly Bingo review to find out!

Who Are Woolly Bingo?

888 Group owns Woolly Bingo (and many other online bingo sites). The Gibraltar-based company launched Woolly Bingo with a Great British Gambling Commission License in 2016.

About The Woolly Bingo Website

Woolly Bingo Homepage

Woolly Bingo uses a cartoonish and simplistic theme. The site’s background image includes a knitted farm barn and “hay” bales made of wool balls.

You can contact Woolly Bingo:

  • Via Live Chat
  • Phone number: 0800 901 2510 (10 AM to 2 AM, 7 days a week)
  • Support email: support@woollybingo.com

They use the Dragonfish software, and you need to submit ID before you can start playing bingo at Woolly Bingo.

Meanwhile, the site says there’s a Woolly Bingo app, but it isn’t listed on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Luckily, you can play Woolly Bingo with your mobile browser!

Additionally, Woolly Bingo says there is a minimum withdrawal, but doesn’t say how much it is. However, based on other 888 Group bingo sites, the minimum withdrawal is likely £10.

Withdrawals will take up to 10 days for UK players and 15 days for European players.

What Bingo Games Does Woolly Bingo Offer?

Woolly Bingo Games

Woolly Bingo offers a variety of 90 ball, 75 ball, and 52 ball games spread out through 6 lobbies:

  • 90 Ball Lobby
  • 75 Ball Lobby
  • Daily Jackpots
  • Free Games
  • Invite Only
  • Special Games

Let’s take a look at the lobbies and what you’ll find there:

90 Ball Lobby

Woolly Bingo 90 Ball Lobby
  • There are 6 games in the 90 ball lobby.
  • Some games offer a progressive jackpot, while others offer jackpots from £8.37 to £1,000.
  • Tickets cost between 2p and 20p each
  • There are usually 10 to 140 players per game.

75 Ball Lobby

Woolly Bingo 75 Ball Lobby
  • There are 4 games in the 75 ball lobby.
  • Some games offer a progressive jackpot up to £1,700+. Others offer jackpots up to £500.
  • Tickets cost between 5p and £1 each
  • There are usually 10 to 140 players per game.

Daily Jackpots Lobby

Woolly Bingo Daily Jackpots Lobby

Despite the name, the Daily Jackpots lobby only offers one daily jackpot. The other 4 games are only available once a week.

Two of the games are 90 ball and the other 3 are all 75 ball.

  • The jackpots go from £50 to £1,500 and tickets cost between 5p and £1 each.
  • This is a fairly active lobby, with close to (or more than) 200 players every game.

Free Games Lobby

Woolly Bingo Free Games Lobby

Even though the games in this lobby are free to enter, you do need to deposit at least £10 for them to become available!

  • There are 7 games in total. Four of them offer cash bonus jackpots from £1 to £50 and run daily.
  • The other three games only run once a week, but offer jackpots of £150 to £1,000.

This is another very active lobby, with hundreds of players for the daily games and thousands for the weekly ones.

Invite Only Lobby

Woolly Bingo Invite Only Lobby

You need to be a VIP Member to get an “invite” to this lobby, but all 3 games are very popular.

  • Games only run once a week, but usually have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of players.
  • Tickets cost 1p to £10 each and jackpots are £250 to £10,000.

Special Games

Woolly Bingo offers a few special bingo games worth highlighting:

Bingo Roulette: Uses a casino roulette wheel to determine which numbers are being called out. Players use digital poker chips to cover their numbers and the first to cover all 5 wins the pot.

Tickets cost 5p.

Woolly Bingo Bingo Roulette

Mystery Jackpot: Only reveals the prize about 10 seconds before the game begins, but can be as high as £500.

Tickets cost 10p.

Woolly Bingo Mystery Jackpot

Prize Room: is similar to Mystery Jackpot, except it’s only available monthly. The prize remains a mystery until it’s announced with the Shopping Spree promotion at 9 PM on the 16th of every month.

Tickets cost £1.

Woolly Bingo Prize Room

Playing at Woolly Bingo

Woolly Bingo Game in Progress

The member’s area is easy to navigate, with the same simplistic design.

Woolly Bingo also offers a few running promotions, some of which change often. However, you can always count on Happy Hour every Monday from 4 PM to 6 PM.

During Happy Hour, you can use the code HOUR for a 100% bingo bonus on your deposit up to £100, with no limits on how many deposits you make.

You’ll also automatically join the Weekly Rewards VIP program, where you level up based on your total deposits each week.

Woolly Bingo Weekly Rewards

Woolly Bingo Reviews

Woolly Bingo is not that popular based on the user reviews we found.

All of the reviews mention the same thing: all of the sites are clones of each other with a new name and a different theme.

Woolly Bingo Review 1

One user replied to another review to add that the slots take forever to load and buying bingo tickets takes longer than it should:

Woolly Bingo Review 2

While it’s true that a lot of sites are pretty much the same because they run on the same software we believe that 888 (the company behind Woolly Bingo are trustworthy.

So whether you join or not depends on if you like the theme or not because bingo games run all the time and there’s some nice prizes to be won.

And if you’ve played at Woolly Bingo, don’t forget to leave your review below!

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