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Virgin Bingo Review

Didn’t make the list?

Unfortunately this site didn’t make it onto our list of the best online bingo sites.

If you’re looking for a site that’s fun, friendly, easy to use and has lots of juicy jackpots then checkout our list of the 7 best online bingo sites here!

If you’re in search of a platform offering vanilla fun in the form of online bingo, then you might consider joining Virgin Bingo!

But will Virgin Bingo’s naked design and vanilla theme make your bingo night special?

Or will you leave flustered and frustrated with no money left to your name?

Read our Virgin Bingo review to find out!

About Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo Website

Virgin Bingo was launched in 2008 by Gamesys Operations. This makes them a very well established brand, though not quite the oldest in the company’s collection.

Despite its launch date however, the Virgin Bingo website is fairly modern and as aptly designed as it is named, with a bare bones, vanilla theme. As a result, it’s also responsive and easy to navigate.

They use a Great Britain Gambling Commission license for all UK operations.

If you need assistance, you can send an email via the online form or contact their 24/7 Live Chat support agents.

Alternatively, you can also give Virgin Bingo a call at 0800 083 1833, toll free within the UK!

What Bingo Games Does Virgin Bingo Offer?

Virgin Bingo Lobby

Virgin Bingo offers a variety of 90 ball, 80 ball, and 75 ball bingo games. These run frequently, daily, and weekly.

This also includes a few free games, though a deposit is necessary before you can play them.

The ticket prices range from 4p to £5 each for the regular games, which attract between 10 and 500+ players at a time (usually around 30), with prize pools of £100+.

For games with a dedicated or progressive jackpot (ranging up to £16,000), the tickets cost anywhere up to £5 each.

Of course, with bigger jackpots comes higher player activity. Still, players should only expect 500+ players, give or take, though typically closer to the higher end than the lower.

Special Games

Virgin Bingo also offers a few special games worth highlighting:

Virgin Bingo The Crystal Maze Bingo

The Crystal Maze Bingo room is quite popular on Gamesys Operations sites, as the 90 ball game boasts a game show twist.

There’s a small prize pool, but also a fairly large progressive jackpot, currently sitting at £407.67+. Tickets cost £1.

Virgin Bingo Session Bingo

Session Bingo is another Gamesys Operations favorite.

You pay £5 once-off and get tickets to fifteen 90 ball, 80 ball, and 75 ball games all running within the same room. This is a great bargain, as it works out cheaper than buying the individual tickets!

Session Bingo is available 4 times per day.

Virgin Bingo Play Off Palace

Last, but not least, are the Play Off Palace games – including both a Daily and Weekly option.

Although the games are free to enter, you do need to have won other marked games to get tickets. The jackpots are fairly big with both options however, with the daily game coming in at £320.72 and the weekly at £4,750.12.

Playing at Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo Members Area

Gamesys Operations didn’t verify our account, so we weren’t able to get a look at the member’s area. Luckily, most of the information was available on the main site!

Virgin Bingo is a relatively active site, with games attracting anywhere from 10 to 500+ players at a time.

We also found Virgin Bingo to be very responsive when visited through a mobile browser. However, if you prefer something a little more formal, Virgin Bingo also offers both iOS and Android apps!

And as you can see, you need to provide ID when creating your Virgin Bingo account.

Virgin Bingo uses the NetEnt gaming software.

The brand doesn’t appear to offer a rewards system of any sort.

Virgin Bingo Reviews

Virgin Bingo is a very well-established brand, so we weren’t surprised to find 69 and 1000+ user reviews on both of our go-to websites.

On the first site, with 69 reviews, Virgin Bingo walks away with 2.30/5 stars.

Complaints follow the usual trend of players not receiving promised bonuses, the same people winning all the games, and the low odds of winning in general:

Virgin Bingo Player Review
Virgin Bingo Player Review 2
Virgin Bingo Player Review 3

On the flip side, some players praise Virgin Bingo for being trustworthy, friendly, and having a nice color scheme:

Virgin Bingo Player Review 4
Virgin Bingo Player Review 5

On our second website, Virgin Bingo scores 2.30/5 stars again, but this time with 1,054 user reviews.

Complaints were the same, with reviewers not winning or winning little money, technical issues, and a complicated withdrawal process:

Virgin Bingo Player Review 6
Virgin Bingo Player Review 7

On a more positive note, players also praise the site for having a great choice of games, excellent customer service, and “amazing incentives”:

Virgin Bingo Player Review 8

Overall, the reviews for Virgin Bingo aren’t very good so we’d recommend checking out our list of the best online bingo sites here.

And if you’ve played at Virgin Bingo then please leave your review below!

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