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Smooch Bingo Review

Didn’t make the list?

Unfortunately this site didn’t make it onto our list of the best online bingo sites.

If you’re looking for a site that’s fun, friendly, easy to use and has lots of juicy jackpots then checkout our list of the 7 best online bingo sites here!

If you’re looking for an online bingo brand offering a “smooching bingo experience”, then look no further than Smooch Bingo!

But will that smooching bingo experience come with great wins?

Or will your wallet be the one puckering its lips?

Read our Smooch Bingo review to find out!

About Smooch Bingo

Smooch Bingo Website

888 Group launched Smooch Bingo in 2012, making it an older addition to the company’s steadily growing online bingo empire.

Reflecting that launch date is Smooch Bingo’s website, which offers a somewhat outdated 888 Group layout, though with a cute “smooch” theme and pink overtones. The website is also responsive and easy to navigate.

888 Group’s Great Britain Gambling Commission license also ensures their UK operations are legal.

If you’re lost, you can contact Smooch Bingo via:

  • Live Chat (10 AM to 2 AM, UK time)
  • Toll Free UK Phone – 0800 901 2510 (No SMS or Callback Service available)
  • International Phone – 44-800-901-2510
  • Loyalty Club Hotline – 0800-680-0638
  • Email –

Smooch Bingo also has an inactive Twitter account.

What Bingo Games Does Smooch Bingo Offer?

Smooch Bingo Lobby

Smooch Bingo offers an assortment of 90 ball, 75 ball, and 52 ball games spread across 7 lobbies. The rooms are open frequently, daily, weekly, and monthly.

The ticket prices range from 3p to £1 each for the regular games, which attract between 5 and 100+ players at a time (usually around 15), with prize pools of £350+.

For games with a dedicated or progressive jackpot (ranging from £10 to £1,000,000), the tickets cost anywhere up to £10 each.

These games naturally attract higher player activity, as they run less frequently. It’s not uncommon to see as many as 1,700+ players joining one of these games!

Additionally, Smooch Bingo also offers a few free bingo games accessed by making a deposit in your account.

Special Games

Smooch Bingo throws in several special games worth highlighting:

Smooch Bingo Mystery Jackpot

Mystery Jackpot is a well-known game among 888 Group fans.

As the name implies, the jackpot remains a mystery until just before the room opens. Based on what other 888 Group sites revealed, the jackpot is randomly selected to be between £10 and £500.

Smooch Bingo only offers a 75 ball version and tickets cost 5p.

Smooch Bingo Bing Roulette

Similar to Mystery Jackpot, Bingo Roulette is another must-have for 888 Group sites – and for good reason!

Like the casino game, the 52 ball bingo game spins a roulette wheel to determine which numbers are called out. Players can then cover the called numbers with casino chips.

The first player to cover all 5 numbers will definitely enjoy a “smooching bingo experience” with their winnings!

Bingo Roulette is open once per day and tickets cost 5p.

Smooch Bingo Free Spins

If you enjoy mixing things up by playing the slots, then perhaps the WOW! 90 ball bingo game is the perfect addition to your bingo schedule.

The room is open once daily, and for only 1p per ticket, you stand the chance to win 100 Free Spins!

Smooch Bingo Millionaires Night

Millionaire’s Night is Smooch Bingo’s 75 ball big-ticket monthly game, with a £1,000,000 jackpot up for grabs.

The best part: tickets only cost £1 each!

Playing at Smooch Bingo

Smooch Bingo Members Area

Smooch Bingo’s member’s area reflects the main site, with another standard 888 Group layout and the typical red and white color scheme.

We can’t be too picky though – it’s at least easy to navigate and just as responsive as the main site. Luckily, the same is true for mobile browsers.

This is important for on-the-go bingo players, as Smooch Bingo offers no dedicated mobile apps.

Smooch Bingo uses the Dragonfish software.

Unexpectedly, Smooch Bingo doesn’t offer a lot of information on their Loyalty Club except briefly mentioning the “Loyalty Club Hotline” on their contact page.

However, we were able to unearth more details in their Terms & Conditions.

The Smooch Bingo Loyalty Club looks to be your typical rewards system, with players earning loyalty points by making deposits. The loyalty points can later be exchanged for bingo bonus cash.

Finally, as always, you need to provide ID when creating your Smooch Bingo account.

Smooch Bingo Reviews

Smooch Bingo is a bit of an anomaly, which we’ll cover below when discussing the reviews from our second go-to website.

On our first website, Smooch Bingo scored 3.86/5 stars based on 14 user reviews – not bad!

The criticisms were pretty standard, with users complaining of never winning, Smooch Bingo refusing to pay out winnings, and rude chat hosts:

Smooch Bingo Player Review
Smooch Bingo Player Review 2

However, many users also sang praises for Smooch Bingo, admiring their variety of chat games, great bonuses, easy site navigation, friendly CMs, and good customer support:

Smooch Bingo Player Review 3
Smooch Bingo Player Review 4
Smooch Bingo Player Review 5

Now onto the anomaly; on our second go-to website, Smooch Bingo walked away with another above average score of 3.3/5 stars based on 129 user reviews.

The problem?

Smooch Bingo appears to be demanding users to leave a review on the website before awarding them loyalty points. For this reason, we’re assuming the 4/5 star reviews are not genuine:

Smooch Bingo Player Review 6

Because of this we can’t recommend Smooch Bingo.

Why not checkout our list of the best bingo sites here instead.

And if you’ve played here then please leave your own review below!

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