Hunky Bingo Review (2024) Should You Join?

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Hunky Bingo Review

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Unfortunately this site didn’t make it onto our list of the best online bingo sites.

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Are you a fan of bingo and soaking up sun on the beach?

Then you’re probably considering joining Hunky Bingo!

Before you do, read our Hunky Bingo review to see if it’s the right site for you.

Who Are Hunky Bingo?

Hunky Bingo is owned and operated by 888 Group who launched the site in 2015. They operate under a Great Britain Gambling Commission license for the UK.

About The Hunky Bingo Website

Hunky Bingo Homepage

Overall, the website is clean, fairly modern looking, and easy to navigate.

It also loads very nicely on mobile browsers – which is important, as Hunky Bingo doesn’t offer dedicated mobile apps.

If you need help, you can use the following:

  • Live Chat
  • 24/7 toll free UK number: 0808 238 9814
  • Support Email:

Bingo games run on the popular Dragonfish software.

As always, you need to provide ID before you can start playing at Hunky Bingo and they have a minimum withdrawal amount of £5. Depending on the type of account you’re withdrawing to, it can take 5-12 business days to complete.

What Bingo Games Does Hunky Bingo Offer?

Hunky Bingo All Games

Hunky Bingo offers 6 bingo lobbies:

  • On the Go
  • Guaranteed Jackpots
  • Free Games
  • Ace Club
  • Special Games

Most of the games are standard, but there are also a few special ones with progressive jackpots.

Let’s take a peek inside each lobby!

On the Go Lobby

Hunky Bingo On the Go Lobby
  • There are 6 games in the On the Go lobby. 3 of them are 75 ball bingo games, with two 90 ball rooms and a 52 ball room.
  • Some of the games run frequently, while others only run at set times.
  • Tickets cost from 1p to 50p, with jackpots of up to £250. The progressive jackpots, on the other hand, sometimes reach up to £1,600+!

They also have Bingo Roulette where instead of drawing numbers, a roulette wheel is spun which adds a nice twist to the game.

Guaranteed Jackpots Lobby

Hunky Bingo Guaranteed Jackpots Lobby

The Guaranteed Jackpots lobby offers 5 games in total:

  • There are 3 75 ball rooms and 2 90 ball rooms.
  • KACHING usually runs once a day, while the other 4 rooms are only open once a week.
  • While tickets cost between 5p and 50p, the jackpots range from £35 to £1,500.

This is the most popular lobby at Hunky Bingo, with more than 100 players for every game trying to win a nice guaranteed jackpot.

KACHING had 1,970 players signed up 4 hours before opening so there’s quite a lot of competition.

Free Games Lobby

Hunky Bingo Free Games Lobby

Even though these 3 bingo games are free to play, you need to deposit funds to your Hunky Bingo account before you can join.

  • Free4U is a daily 75 ball game, while the other two rooms run once weekly: 90 ball on Mondays and another 75 ball room for Sundays.
  • Jackpots are £4 to £1,000.

The weekly games are very popular, with thousands of players joining every week.

Ace Club Lobby

Hunky Bingo Ace Club Lobby

The Ace Club lobby offers 3 games exclusively available to 888 Group’s Ace Club members.

The games run once a month on most 888 Group sites simultaneously, which is why you’ll often find more than 2,000 players joining a week ahead of time.

  • Tickets cost £1 for the 75 ball games, both of which have £250 jackpots.
  • It costs £10 to join the 90 ball room and your chance at winning the £10,000 jackpot.

Special Bingo Games

Hunky Bingo offers two special games worth mentioning.

Mystery Jackpot Bingo: This is a 75 ball game where you don’t find out how much the jackpot is until 10 seconds before the room opens. This game runs daily and tickets cost 10p.

Hunky Bingo Mystery Jackpot

Gobsmacked: This is a 90 ball game where you can win 100 free spins for the Hunky Bingo slots. It also runs daily and tickets cost 1p.

Hunky Bingo Gobsmacked

Don’t forget they also have bingo roulette too!

Playing At Hunky Bingo

Hunky Bingo Game in Progress

The member’s area, which is standard to all 888 sites, runs smoothly without any loading issues!

Hunky Bingo is also very active, with some of the weekly and monthly rooms attracting more than 2,000 players. Even the daily games that run frequently often have 20 to 150 players at a time.

Overall, the site offers a humorous tone, with funny messages like Missed leg day? Not a problem, we’ll run you through our most popular bingo rooms!

You can also join the Hunky Rewards loyalty program. With Hunky Rewards, you get a daily scratch card to win free spins, access to the free bingo rooms, and the Ace Club lobby:

Hunky Bingo Rewards Club

Hunky Bingo Reviews

Hunky Bingo isn’t very popular with user reviews around the web as all the reviews as far back as 2015 that we could find are negative.

Welshie1969, for example, complained the games seemed rigged for the same people to win every time and the bonuses weren’t delivered as promised:

Hunky Bingo Review 1

Hamster1 also complained the deposit bonus promised was never delivered and customer support wasn’t 24/7 like Hunky Bingo advertises:

Hunky Bingo Review 2

Other users also complained their accounts were suspiciously closed after winning, with Hunky Bingo not processing their withdrawal requests and blocking the user from contacting support:

Hunky Bingo Review 3

But there was one positive review, where the player said they won over £500 with the Hunky Bingo Slots:

Hunky Bingo Review 4

Should You Join Hunky Bingo?

It’s hard to judge Hunky Bingo based on the negative reviews because people who’ve had a bad experience are more likely to leave a review than the ones who had a good experience.

It is run by the 888 group who are a large and trustworthy company and they do have some nice jackpots to be won.

If you’ve played at Hunky Bingo then leave your review below.

Good or bad we’d love to hear about it!

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