Club 3000 Brings Bingo Back to Ellesmere Port

Club 3000 seized an opportunity to bring bingo back to Ellesmere Port and celebrated a highly successful opening night in September.

The hall, much like the town, is no stranger to bingo; having previously operated under Mecca Bingo for 40 years.

Residents and members long considered the venue to be a highly valued community asset. Unfortunately, the owners no longer felt the same way.

When Mecca Bingo announced the closure of their club house in Ellesmere Port last year, local bingo players were left devastated. Even a petition signed by 900 members of the community failed to convince Mecca to stay.

Luckily, Club 3000 recognized the strong bingo community spirit of Ellesmere Port and made a huge investment in the property to give them back their local bingo hall.

A total of (roughly) £1.5 million was spent creating a vibrant atmosphere with an arcade featuring popular games and the latest slot machines, a food court with cold snacks and freshly-made food, a bar, and spacious seating, as well as air conditioning.

Of course, it’s bingo that attracts the most customers, and it was bingo that gave the 750-seat club a full house on opening night.

The company’s owner, Brian Fraser, and the venue’s general manager, Kevin Boden, presided over the evening together.

Both expressed excitement at the opportunity and felt the event went incredibly well for them and – most importantly – the clientele.

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