Bingo Idol Review (2024) A Star Is Born?

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Bingo Idol Review

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Unfortunately this site didn’t make it onto our list of the best online bingo sites.

If you’re looking for a site that’s fun, friendly, easy to use and has lots of juicy jackpots then checkout our list of the 7 best online bingo sites here!

Bingo Idol invites players to “Become a star with daily rewards.” Read on to find out if you might enjoy a golden buzzer or if Bingo Idol will leave you walking away in disappointment.

Who Are Bingo Idol?

Like many of the online bingo sites, Bingo Idol is owned by 888 Group, a popular online gaming entertainment and solutions provider since 1997 with over 25 million players worldwide.

Bingo Idol is a potential rising star, having only launched in 2019.

About The Bingo Idol Website

Bingo Idol homepage

As you can imagine, Bingo Idol’s website theme is heavily inspired by the popular reality TV show, Idols.

The prominent gold star (seen in their logo as well) is the most obvious reference.

Overall, the design is pretty basic and easy to navigate. Neon pink and a touch of brilliant blue dominate the site’s color scheme, with lots of gold-colored details.

Not surprisingly, given their recent launch, Bingo Idol’s website looks and feels a lot more modern than many of its competitors.

The Support tab opens to a very short FAQ section that’s helpfully separated into clearly marked sections, allowing you to better find the information you’re looking for.

If you still have any questions or want to clarify something mentioned in the Support tab, you can contact them via:

Bingo Idol is relatively active on their Facebook page, though they don’t seem to have any other social media accounts.

There isn’t a dedicated Bingo Idol mobile app, which seems to be the case for most of 888 Group’s offerings.

Luckily, the mobile web version of the site works just as well as the desktop version. The online bingo games run on the popular Dragonfish software.

To comply with the UK gambling laws, you need to provide some personal information including a valid form of ID.

According to the FAQ page, the process should only take “a matter of minutes” before you’re ready to start playing.

Bingo Idol has a minimum withdrawal amount of £5. Withdrawal requests take 2 business days to process and 3 to 7 business days to complete, depending on your withdrawal method.

Which Bingo Games Does Bingo Idol Offer?

Bingo Idol promises “brilliant bingo rooms,” which are split evenly between 90 ball, 75 ball, and 52 ball games. Almost all of them feature a progressive jackpot and run frequently.

On the Go Lobby

Bingo Idol on the go lobby

The On the Go Lobby seems to be the main one on the site, with the next game to start actively pushed to the front of the queue.

Games included are:

  • Fun’in 90, with a progressive jackpot and runs frequently (90 ball, 3p to join)
  • Wonky, with a £30 jackpot and runs frequently (75 ball, 5p to join)
  • Blighty 90, with a progressive jackpot and runs frequently (90 ball, 5p to join)
  • Number 10, with a progressive jackpot and runs frequently (75 ball, 10p to join)
  • Bingo Roulette, with a £12 jackpot and seems to run daily (52 ball, 5p to join)
  • Street Party, with a £250 jackpot and seems to run daily (75 ball, 50p to join)

Guaranteed Jackpots Lobby

Bingo Idol guaranteed jackpots lobby

If you’re hoping to chase the jackpot, this is the lobby for you! The games run at weekly or once daily set times and are limited to 90 and 75 ball. These include:

  • KACHING, with a £35 jackpot and runs once daily (90 ball, 50p to join or with your daily free tickets)
  • Monday Chill, with a £600 jackpot and runs once weekly (75 ball, 5p to join)
  • Tuesday Rock, with a £1,500 jackpot and runs once weekly (90 ball, 25p to join)
  • Wednesday Chic, with a £500 jackpot and runs once weekly (75 ball, 50p to join)
  • Thursday Groove, with a £1,000 jackpot and runs once weekly (75 ball, 25p to join)

Mystery Jackpot Lobby

Bingo Idol mystery jackpot lobby

There’s only one room in the Mystery Jackpot Lobby, a 75 ball game that costs 5p to join. While the exact prize remains a mystery until 10 seconds before the game begins, it ranges between £10 and £500.

Gobsmacked Lobby

Bingo Idol gobsmacked lobby

The Gobsmacked Lobby also features a single bingo room, which seems to run daily. It only costs 1p to join the 90 ball game, but you can win 100 free spins to use in the Bingo Idol slots section. You’ll need to claim your free tickets to see which slots game you can use them on.

Free Lobby

Bingo Idol free games lobby

Bingo Idol’s Free Lobby has 3 games that can help you ease into online bingo:

  • Free4U is a 75 ball game with a £4 jackpot that runs once daily
  • £1K Mondays is a 90 ball game with a £1,000 jackpot that runs once weekly
  • Saucy Sunday is a 75 ball game with a £250 jackpot that runs once weekly

This seems to be one of the most popular lobbies on Bingo Idol, with a single game easily attracting thousands of players.

Ace Club Lobby

Bingo Idol ace club lobby

Last, but not least, is the Ace Club Lobby. This is where you’ll find the 3 high-risk, high-reward bingo rooms offered by Bingo Idol:

  • Ace Club, with a £250 jackpot and runs once monthly (75 ball, £1 to join)
  • Ace Club Diamond, with a £250 jackpot and runs once monthly for Diamond Level players only (75 ball, £1 to join)
  • Big Bang, with a £10,000 jackpot and runs once monthly (90 ball, £10 to join)

Bingo Idol Rewards

Bingo Idol rewards program become a star

When you play at Bingo Idol you’ll also be automatically entered into the Bingo Idol Rewards Program and progress to Level 1 as soon as you wager your first £1.

Higher levels are unlocked based on how much you’ve wagered since joining, with Level 15 (Diamond) being the highest.

You’ll also get a certain number of daily free bingo tickets for the KACHING room, starting at 1 at Level 1 and rising to 30 at Level 15.

Playing At Bingo Idol

The member’s area is fairly active on any given day and is as easy to navigate as the main site.

Sometimes the room display is missing some information but once you enter full-screen mode, this problem disappears.

Additionally, Bingo Idol makes it easy to keep track of any submitted documents, user settings and preferences, history, and useful links.

Bingo Idol Reviews

There are some mixed reviews for Bingo Idol so far. Some players complain it’s too hard to win big:

Others, like Dexter, are happy with the new site even though there aren’t many bingo games to choose from yet:

One user also complained they weren’t able to log into their Bingo Idol account but a site administrator was quick to offer help:

Overall, it seems the community is still wary of such a new site. But right from the beginning, Bingo Idol has attracted positive feedback from players like John and Thomas:

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