The 5 Best Online Bingo Sites We Love Playing At!

best online bingo sites

It seems like there’s a new bingo site popping up every week.

There used to be a small handful but now there’s hundreds of them so deciding which one to join can be a tricky decision.

You want a site that’s fun, fresh, has nice prizes to be won and will actually payout your winnings.

That’s why I’m writing this post about the best online bingo sites to help point you in the right direction and help you find your new online bingo forever home!

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300 cups of coffee later and I’ve finally come up with what I think are the 5 best bingo sites.

What are the best online bingo sites?

Here’s our list of the 5 best online bingo sites:

  1. tombola
  2. Gala Bingo
  3. Sun Bingo
  4. Buzz Bingo
  5. 888 Ladies Bingo

Why have these sites made the top 5 list?

Find out below!

tombola Bingo


Tombola Bingo is our #1 rated online bingo site!

Here’s why:

I think Tombola is one of the best online bingo sites because there’s always lots of people online to chat with, the design is unique and games run all the time with big prizes to be won.

They have a nice selection of low stake games where tickets cost 5p or less.

Tombola Games

Even though there’s often more than 7,000 players online the site doesn’t feel overcrowded and there tends to be around 50 players per game.

You can also see some of the recent winners in the members area which is always fun to checkout.

Maybe you’ll be on there one day!

One of Tombola’s newest additions is “Paper Bingo” which has a nice pastel coloured design and tickets start at just 1 penny.

Tombola also have a nice selection of exclusive games such as:

Free Vibes (Daily Free)

  • Free Vibes is a free to play game with no wagering requirements
  • There’s up to £40,000 in prizes won each week
  • Prizes range from £2 – £5,000



A bingo game that uses shapes and colours instead of numbers.

There’s 2 prizes in each games and jackpots of up to £5,000!


A bingo game that uses playing cards instead of numbers.

If your entire hand is called within 7 cards you could win a jackpot of up to £20,000!


Pulse bingo is a fun new style of bingo where your numbers float around in bubbles on the screen and then ‘pop’ when your number is called!

Tickets cost from 10p to £2 and jackpots go all the way up to £20,000!

Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette is played on a roulette board.

Whatever number the ball lands on is the number called!

Clear your numbers in 12 spins or less and you could win a big jackpot!

Safe Play

tombola bingo have a great set of safeplay tools to make sure that your loe of bingo doesn’t become a problem.

tombola safe play

Tombola also have one of the best mobile apps so you can play bingo anywhere on your mobile or tablet.

Tombola is definitely one of the best online bingo sites, the community is friendly and people really enjoy playing there.

Kim says she loves Tombola and even won £250 on the slots!

Best Online Bingo Sites - Tombola Review

Evonne loves Tombola too and would recommend it to everyone!

Best Online Bingo Sites - Tombola Review 2

Tombola also have a nice signup bonus where they will triple your deposit and you can withdraw your winnings at anytime!

Gala Bingo


At number 2 on our list of the best online bingo sites is Gala Bingo!

Games at Gala Bingo tend to have more players than some other sites because they’re a huge name in bingo and have so many registered players.

You’ll see from the image below of some of the games just about to start that there are between 61 and 184 players per game so there’s a bit more competition here.

Still, it’s a great site and they’re a trustworthy brand will payout when you do win.

And if you’re playing bingo for fun then it means there’s more people to chat and make friends with.

If you take a look at the picture above you’ll see that they have some very nice jackpots to be won with some reaching over £80,000!

Wouldn’t that be nice to win?!

Gala Bingo has over 35 bingo rooms available with some nice exclusives and specials such as:

Deal Or No Deal

Gala Bingo DOND

Win full house and the bank will make you an offer!

Coronation Street

Coronation Street Bingo

Coronation Street theme that pays out over £10,000 every day!

Housey Bingo

Housey Bingo

Bingo but with playing cards instead of balls!

You can also visit the “Gala Happy Hub” where you’ll find quizzes, games, news and lots of things to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for you next bingo game to start!

And when you play at Gala Bingo you’ll also move your way up the rewards ladder.

Gala Bingo Rewards

The more you play the more you’ll unlock including cash, bingo tickets, prizes and even tickets to events and shows.

And if you prefer to play on your mobile than a computer then you’ll definitely want to checkout the Gala Bingo mobile app!

Gala Bingo App

We’ve also seen quite a few positive reviews for Gala Bingo like Deneil’s who started with £10 and won £106!

Gala Bingo Review
best online bingo sites list number 3

Sun Bingo


Third on our list of the best online bingo sites is Sun Bingo.

You’ve probably already heard of The Sun, one of the nation’s most popular newspapers.

Well, they also own and operate Sun Bingo.

This means you can rest assured that you’re signing up with an established and trusted company.

And they really do pack an exciting mix of bingo games onto their site.

From Rainbow Riches to Mystic Meg, you’ll be blown away by the choice on offer.

They also have incredible jackpots and attractive promotions, all available from their highly-rated mobile app.

With almost 800 positive reviews, they must be doing something right!

Sun Bingo Reviews

What Games Are Available on Sun Bingo?

Whatever your favourite variation, Sun Bingo has got you covered.

Of course, they have the highly-popular 90 ball bingo.

But, if you fancy something different, there are also 36, 50, 75, and 80 ball games available.

The site is great for beginners.

There’s even a practice room where newcomers can learn the ropes.

We love how simple and easy their lobby feels.

You can see all the games on offer without having to scroll through complicated menus.

You can expect to find the following fantastic games:

  • Age of Gods: If you hit a full house in this epic 90-ball game, you’ll receive 9 gold coins. Each coin shows either Zeus, Hades, Athena, or Ares. Match 3 of the same God to win a special prize that’s split between you and the community. As the whole room is involved, it really adds a level of excitement!
  • Candy: This exclusive game is 90-ball, so there are 3 prizes to be won! For 1L, 2L, and a full house. The tickets are 3 rows by 9 columns and there’s a total of 15 numbers on each ticket. There’s also a couple of amazing jackpots up for grabs, so you could win a share of £15,000!
  • Cabaret: Tickets for this game cost between 5p and 50p. It’s another 90-ball game where players are limited to buying a maximum of 12 tickets. This helps to make the games fairer.
  • Cash Cubes: Joining a game couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the room from the lobby, then select your ticket stake before the game starts. It’s a 36-ball room so to win you need to hit a full house. Each game is super fun and has a minimum guaranteed prize!
  • Deal or No Deal: Based on the famous TV show, this exciting room lets you play 75-ball bingo 24/7! Tickets cost between 5p and 25p and there are 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, and full house prizes. You can also win the Deal or No Deal feature prize, by beating the banker! How does £1500 sound? Well, claim the full house on 43 balls or less and it’s yours!
  • Glamour: Tickets for this amazingly fashionable room cost between 1p and 50p. It’s another 75-ball game and offers incredible prizes of up to £500! Each ticket is 25 squares (5 rows and 5 columns). Each square contains a number, except for the middle one. You get this square for free!
  • Mystic Meg: Who remembers Mystic Meg? Well, the famous astrologer is back! This Mystic Meg-themed room runs a 50-ball game that guarantees 360 winners every single day! Your ticket features 10 bubbles with mystical symbols. Simply match these to the numbers being called, to win! There’s also a couple of impressive Jackpots, of up to £1500.
  • Rainbow Riches: This fun game uses the 40-ball bingo variant and costs between 5p and 25p. Tickets are arranged in two four-leafed clovers. Each time your number is called, the leaf turns to gold. Get all 8 numbers for a full house and win!
  • Romance: If you’re in the mood for love, click on the Romance Room to play this heartfelt 90-ball game. Tickets are available from 5p and if you claim the full house in 40 calls or less, you’ll win the progressive jackpot!
  • Showboat: This speed-bingo room is a 90-ball game with incredible fast-paced action. Try to keep up, to be in with a chance of winning the generous £15,000 jackpot. There are also prizes for 1L, 2L, and full house.

Sun Bingo Promotions

If there’s one thing we love more than bingo, it’s bingo promos!

And Sun Bingo doesn’t disappoint in this department.

There’s a stack of incredible promos on offer, which you can check out on their promotions page.

Sun promos

All-Winners Room

One feature we love about Sun Bingo is their All-Winners room.

You’ll notice that some Candy Rooms are marked with “AW”.

These special games take place at the following times, every day:

  • 00:00 – 01:59
  • 07:00 – 17:00
  • 18:00 – 19:30

If you win an All-Winners game, you’ll be lucky enough to get free tickets to the special daily event at 20:15.

Plus, the weekly winners game at 20:30.

Well worth keeping an eye out for!

No Deposit Bingo – Absolutely Free!

Sun Bingo understands that new players might need a little helping hand when first arriving on the site.

That’s why they run a special Learner Room, which is completely free during your first 7 days.

You can win prizes of £4.50 and £6.50 which are added to your account as bonus funds.

A great way to settle in!

What Are People Saying About Sun Bingo?

There are plenty of happy users that love the wide choice of games and friendly community.

Here are a few stand-out reviews we found:

Margaret enjoys playing Mystic Meg and is impressed with all the promos on offer.

She also found the customer service really helpful!

Miss Older loves the fast withdrawals that Sun Bingo provides.

Gillian has won a few times at Sun Bingo and never had any hassle withdrawing her money.

She gives it an excellent rating!

Whether you’re a casual bingo player or a total fantic we think Sun Bingo ticks all the boxes.

Their excellent range of promotions, wide choice of games, and super friendly community make it a top destination for bingo fans.

If you sign up today with this link you’ll get an exclusive £50 bonus. Plus they’ll even throw in 50 free spins!

Best Bingo Site 4

Buzz Bingo


Buzz Bingo has earned a place at number 4 on our list of the best online bingo sites!

Here’s why:

Buzz Bingo is quite a new site having launched in 2018 but they’ve come a long way in that short amount of time.

Their design is fun and modern and they have the best promotions of any bingo site and even have free bingo games running daily where you can win a share of £1,200.

When you play regularly at Buzz Bingo you’ll be invited to join the Diamond Club where you’ll receive:

  • A surprise on your birthday.
  • Tickets to meet and greets, concerts, shows and events.
  • Free spins, cashback and more.

Buzz Bingo is also home to the “Bingo Millions” series where you could win jackpots of more than £1,000,000 and they even have a 10 million pound jackpot!

Buzz Bingo Millions

Buzz Bingo also have a nice range of exclusives and specials like:

The Voice Bingo

Buzz Bingo - The Voice

Call Full House on any of the lucky chair numbers to win a bonus prize and win a share of the jackpot if you’re a chair-turner.

Flash Bingo

Buzz Bingo - Flash

Fancy a game but not got much time?

Flash bingo is 90 ball but faster so you can quickly get your bingo fix.

Deal Or No Deal

Buzz Bingo - Deal Or No Deal

Feel all the excitement of the classic TV show in this bingo room.

Full house winners get to take on the banker!

The design is modern and with tons of promotions, free bingo, exclusives and games running every minute there’s plenty to keep you entertained at Buzz Bingo.

People are enjoying their time there too!

Jamie says he loves the live club and online and appreciates the free daily bingo..

And Buzz Bingo have a great signup offer. Check it out below!

best online bingo sites 5

888 Ladies Bingo


Number 5 on our list of the best online bingo sites is 888 Ladies Bingo.

888 Ladies bingo is run by the 888 group who are one of the largest internet gaming providers and have a great reputation for fast payouts and smooth gaming.

Games run almost every minute and there’s not as many players on 888 Ladies so you might have a good chance of winning.

888 Ladies Bingo is really easy to navigate and you can see all the upcoming games in the main lobby.

the site is really easy to navigate.

888 Ladies have some exciting special games too including:

Mystery Jackpot Bingo

Mystery Jackpot

In Mystery Jackpot Bingo the jackpot you’re playing for isn’t revealed until 10 seconds before the game starts and tickets can’t be bought after the jackpot has been revealed.

Bingo Roulette

Bingo Roulette

In Bingo Roulette your bingo card is transformed into a game of roulette where the number the ball lands on is the number called!

My favourite is Mystery Jackpot bingo because it adds an interesting twist to the game not knowing what you’re playing for until the game starts.

When you play at 888 Ladies Bingo you’ll also earn JoyGemVip Club points that you can exchange for things like;

  • Access to VIP only rooms.
  • Spa trips.
  • Tickets to shows.
  • Meet and greets with celebs like Peter Andre.

Here’s some of the lucky Joy Gem Vip members meeting Peter Andre!

Joy Gem Vip Meet

888 Ladies now have their own dedicated mobile app so you can play bingo anywhere!

888 Ladies Mobile

People seem to be really enjoying their time there too.

Kelly says she’s been playing there for years and despite trying other sites keeps coming back!

888 Ladies Review 1

And Carol says it’s an excellent site and she’s won quite a bit!

Best Bingo Sites - 888 Ladies Review

While Lizzy calls it the best bingo site ever and says they have a nice choice of bingo and games.

Best Bingo Sites Review

888 Ladies are definitely one of the best online bingo sites and if you join and deposit £10 today they will give you £20 of extra cash to play bingo and £20 for slots.

Which Online Bingo Site Will You Join?

After reviewing more than 300 online bingo sites the 5 we’ve talked about in this post are the only one’s we’d recommend joining.

They’re all easy to use, trustworthy and fun to play at.

Plus they’re lively and great places to make new friends and have a good chat!

And they all have nice jackpots and prizes to be won and will payout your winnings fast!

We recommend taking a look through each one to see which of them stands out to you:

  1. tombola
  2. Gala Bingo
  3. Sun Bingo
  4. Buzz Bingo
  5. 888 Ladies Bingo

If you’re still not sure which one to join then we recommend tombola Bingo because it’s one of the best online bingo sites there is!