Apollo Bingo Turns £1 into Almost £10,000 For Local Winner

During a recent National Live Game, Pam Cook, a foster carer in Barrow, won £9,034.40 from her £1 ticket at Apollo Bingo.

Cook has been a regular at the bingo hall in Hollywood Retail Park for about 10 years. Usually, she goes with 3 friends. Whenever the whole group is together, they pool their winnings so they can divide it over Christmas.

According to Cook, they never won much before, with £50, £100, and £200 being the norm.

But this time was different. Instead of her group of friends, Cook’s daughter Carol was the only one with her. And rather than the usual £200, she won £9,034.40.

The National Live Game, operated by Majestic Bingo, pays 3 jackpots weekly: £5,000 midweek, £10,000 every Saturday, and £25,000 every Sunday.

Daryl Boothroyd, the general manager of Apollo Bingo, said it’s great to see such a large jackpot go to a local member. The club’s been “having a run of luck over the past few months,” though Cook’s seems to be the most noteworthy.

In fact, it’s such a big deal for Apollo Bingo that the club is talking about throwing a celebration party for her.

As for Cook’s plans with her winnings?

Because her friends weren’t playing with her when she called full house, it’s all hers. And she means to put it to good use by renovating her bathroom after 3 years of having to put it off.

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