About Bingo Views

At BingoViews.com we eat, sleep and dream about bingo!

We love the thrill of possibly winning and the fun of making new friends.

But over the last few years the online bingo world has grown 10 fold.

There are now hundreds of places to play bingo online.

So where’s the best place to play?

That’s what we wanted to find out and the reason we started BingoViews.com

At BingoViews you’ll find all the latest bingo news and real reviews by real players who are nuts about bingo!

Meet The Bingo Views Team!

These are the ‘bingo crazies’ helping to make BingoViews.com the best bingo news and review site online!

Kayleigh White

I’m a Thirty-something mother of three dogs who drinks way too much coffee. Loves the latest tech; even if it costs too much. Takes a great interest in world politics and the iGaming industry. I started playing bingo from the age of 18 when I went to my local bingo hall with my aunty. What do I prefer; land based or online bingo? Online bingo for sure, what with so many different variants to be played and side games thrown in to keep things entertaining. My favourite bingo site is Tombola, due to the sheer volume of unique games – games you will not find anywhere else. What’s my biggest cash win? £15,000 smackeroonies, but that’s going back a good few years now!

Lauren Klonowski

A Cleveland Ohio native, Lauren first started playing bingo as a kid and fell in love with the game.

Lauren is one of our senior online bingo reviewers having reviewed over 10 online bingo sites!

Her passion for bingo and the ability to dig deep when it comes to research makes her a great asset to BingoViews.com

Cassie Bell is a mother to 3 children and a writer about all things bingo.

Cassies attention to detail and honest approach is the reason we love having her write reviews on BingoViews.com

Hannah Rivera

Living in Athens. Hannah loves to spend her time travelling, playing bingo and writing!

Hannah combined her love of bingo and writing and now writes for BingoViews!

Our Quest

We’re on a quest to find the best online bingo site.

So we’re reviewing every site we can find and we need your help!

If you’ve played at a site then tell us about it and leave your review!