£50,000 Win at Mecca Bingo’s Middleway Retail Park Hall

One of the regulars at Mecca Bingo’s Middleway Retail Park (Burton) hall couldn’t believe her luck after calling “house” and winning the National Bingo Game Jackpot for £50,000.

“It was so exciting to see a regular member of our club, who everyone knows and loves, win £50,000,” says Lucy Coy, the general manager at Mecca Burton.

“It’s a transformative amount of money and it’s a pleasure to see someone who really appreciates it take it away. The whole club was delighted.”

“I truly can’t believe it,” the winner admitted.

“For me, bingo is such a social game and I’ve met some of my closest friends here at Mecca Burton. I never would have guessed that I’d be winning such a huge jackpot. You never really know your own luck, and I would encourage everyone to give bingo a go. It’s worth it when you have a big win like this.”

The winner, who asked for her identity to remain anonymous, has been a regular at the club for over 20 years now. She also said she doesn’t have any immediate plans on how to spend her winnings.

However, she does have some experience in winning money at the club (£1,500 at an undisclosed earlier date) and knows she’ll be saving most of the £50,000 prize.

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